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"The greatest benefit of Health Portal is that it will make patients more accountable and aware of their care. This focus on self-management mirrors the current trend in the healthcare system. The direction we're looking at in Canada is trying to improve both team approaches and patient self-management. The Health Portal plays very much into this trend."

- Dr. Timothy Foggin, practising family physician, Burnaby, British Columbia

What is a personal health record?

A personal health record is a centralized information system that permits you to consolidate, store and manage your personal health information within a secure and confidential environment. It also allows you to share your record with others, such as your doctor or emergency caregivers, and to pro-actively manage your family's health information.

The Health Portal provides you with our comprehensive Personal Health Record system which will help you to better manage all of your critical health information and enable you to share it with your doctor as he/she helps you manage your chronic conditions. Our Personal Health Record includes detailed sections to record your:

  • Contact information – personal, emergency, health professionals, health insurance policy

  • Medical history – conditions, surgeries, allergies, immunizations, growth and development, ER/clinic visits

  • Medications – dosage, frequency, time frame and details

  • Family history – conditions, degree of relation, time frame and details

  • Lifestyle – activity level, alcohol and tobacco consumption, contraceptives

  • Tests – blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, time frame and details

The Personal Health Record includes a medically validated database of conditions, medications, allergies, and other health information that you can easily refer to when entering your personal information into your record.

Why should I create a personal health record?

Managing your complete, updated, and easily accessible health record means that you can play a more active role in your own healthcare. Think about how your health information is scattered across many different providers and facilities. By keeping your Personal Health Record up to date and complete, the right information will be available when you need it. Remember, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your health information.

By storing all of your records in one secure place, you can:

  • Easily organize and manage lifelong personal health information for yourself and for family members

  • Have a secure backup of all of your critical records, which you can access in emergencies, print, or share with your care providers

  • Play a more active role in the management of your own health

What's in my doctor's file?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to supplement your Personal Health Record with information from your doctor's file? Doctors who use MD Physician Services' Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software can share information with their patients online via the Health Portal. Based on discussion with your doctor, they can securely share relevant sections of your Health Record for you to view online (such as lab results), providing you with a convenient means to keep up-to-date records. Along with secure messaging, this enables you to continue the dialogue with your care team and improve your health management without requiring frequent visits.

What about my privacy?

MD Physician Services recognizes the premium you place on privacy protection. We strive to protect your privacy, including all the information that you share within the Health & Wellness Companion, using industry-standard technology and procedures.
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