Dr. Rebecca Auer

Dr. Rebecca Ann Auer

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This website is designed to help us communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. On this web site you will find information on:

            Who is Dr. Auer?

How to prepare for your first consultation?

What to expect before and after surgery?

Information about cancer, including staging and treatments

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This site presents general information and is not meant to replace a consultation.  Please print and bring along any information you wish to discuss to your next appointment. If you have any suggestions about improving this site please bring it to our attention at your next appointment


Dr. Auer is a Surgical Oncologist. This is a surgeon who only operates and looks after patients with cancer. While many surgeons operate on cancer patients, a Surgical Oncologist works closely with other cancer doctors, including medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. They are involved in creating standards of care for cancer surgery and research in cancer.


Dr. Auer is currently accepting new referrals for patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of abdominal cancer of the stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum and liver, as well as soft tissue sarcoma, GI stromal tumors or undiagnosed abdominal masses. If you are a referring physician have a question about referring a patient, please give the office a call and we will try to help.

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If this is an emergency and you cannot contact the office then please go to the emergency room at the Ottawa General Hospital 
If you cannot make it to this hospital, please visit the nearest emergency room for immediate attention. If you are admitted or seen at another hospital, please leave a message with Nancy or on the answering machine.


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