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Old South Family Health Organization

Welcome to our clinic

These 15 Family Physicians are members of the Old South Family Health Organization:

Dr. D. Barr,  Dr. D. Birch,  Dr. D. Cavanaugh,  Dr. P. Dickie,  Dr. C. Frederick,  Dr. G. Gillis,  Dr. D. Herman, Dr. L. Neumann,  Dr. T. Nizami,  Dr. A. Saly,  Dr. R. Schaefer,  Dr. M. Sheppard,  Dr. J. Spence,  Dr. M. Wells, & Dr. D. Wilson. 


Welcome to our website, designed to more effectively and efficiently communicate with you, while keeping you better informed about your health. This site presents general health information and is not meant to replace a consultation with your physician. Please print and bring along any information you wish to discuss to your next appointment.

Access excellent resources for specific health conditions by clicking on "Health Information"  in the column to the left.

We are a member of the Thames Valley Family Health Team (FHT).  Through the resources of the FHT we are very fortunate to have the on-site services of several medical professionals: nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacist, social workers, dietitian, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists.  You generally access their professional services through a referral from your physician's.  There are presently several programs managed by the FHT members to assist our patients.

Please be aware of the following programs offered free on an ongoing basis by our Family Health Team:

1. DIABETES AND PRE-DIABETES: Two 2 hour educational sessions presented by a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian emphasizing the management strategies of healthy eating, meal planning, physical activity, and glucose monitoring. A Registered Dietitian will also provide individualized meal plans for each participant. Please call 519-433-3180 for the next available dates and to register.

2. CHRONIC PAIN ASSESSMENT: A pain assessment is recommended for all chronic pain patients to improve management of their symptoms and ensure they are receiving the best treatments available. The results of this assessment are reviewed by your Family Doctor. Please call 519-433-3180 to book an individual appointment.

3. CHRONIC PAIN SELF MANAGEMENT GROUP: A 6 week group (2.5 hours per session) where we discuss managing pain effectively through the use of various coping skills for better pain management and improved quality of life. Program based on the book "Living A LIfe With Chronic Conditions". Please call 519-433-3180 for next group available and to register.

4. SMOKING CESSATION: Individual counselling with RN and/or Pharmacist to discuss quitting or cutting back options, behavioural changes needed and how to handle cravings. An initial appointment to assist with setting a quit date, then ongoing counselling is available. Please call 519-433-3180 to book an individual appointment.

5. CRAVING CHANGE GROUP: Focuses on eating behaviours and habits, the underlying reasons for these behaviours and how to address and make lasting change. Program consists of three 2 hour sessions presented by a Social Worker and Registered Dietitian. Please call 519-433-3180 for next available dates and to register.

6. GROCERY STORE WALKING TOUR: A 2 hour session with a Registered Dietitian. Education regarding label reading followed by a grocery store tour. Please call 519-433-3180 for next available dates and to register.

7. STRESS MANAGEMENT/ANXIETY/DEPRESSION: A variety of groups offered by the Social Worker and FHT staff, typically 4-6 weeks in length, 2 hour sessions addressing various topics to provide education and assist in developing healthy coping strategies. Please call 519-433-3180 to express interest in a particular group or for next available dates and to register.




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In November 2011 the Old South FHO and associated Thames Valley FHT medical professionals moved to a new medical facility at 460 Springbank Drive in London.  Most of the Family Physicians are located on the 3rd  floor of the building, Drs. Neumann & Nizami are located on the 2nd floor.  The After Hours Clinic will be located each day in the Family Physician's suite (2nd or 3rd floor).  Please check the sign on the 3rd floor for information on the suite - doctor's office location. 


The Springbank Medical Centre is a very modern facility with multiple medical services in one location.  These will include Laboratory and Xray services as well as a Pharmacy.  Audiology, Oxygen / CPAP and Physiotherapy will also be present. 


Lots of Parking;   however there is a parking fee of $4.00

Electronic medical record are integrated for all patients associated with the Old South FHO and TVFHT.

Hours of operation

Monday 5 to 8 pm (After Hours Clinic)
Tuesday 5 to 8 pm (After Hours Clinic)
Wednesday 5 to 8 pm (After Hours Clinic)
Thursday 5 to 8 pm (After Hours Clinic)
Friday No After Hours Clinic Available
Saturday 9:00 am to 12 pm (After Hours Clinic)
Sunday No After Hours Clinic Available


The After Hours Clinic (AHC) operates each evening from 5 to 8 pm Monday to Thursday and Saturdays from 9:00 am  to  12 pm.   Occasionally, the clinic may be open at times other than what is stated above.    Please arrive at least half an hour before closing.


No appointment is necessary. 


The clinics do not operate on STAT holidays. Narcotics will not be prescribed in the clinic.

Each AHC takes place in the office of the doctor on call for that day.  

Check the sign on the 3rd floor (opposite the elevators) for the AHC location.

 The AHC will be located either on the 2nd floor or 3rd floor.